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Where To Buy Sterling Silver Earrings

Silver is such a beloved metal that humans have been crafting it into jewelry since before recorded history. The cool, shimmering color of silver makes for beautiful earrings, thanks to their ability to compliment the natural tones of a woman's face. 925 sterling silver is the most valuable alloy of jewelry-quality silver, because the small amount of metal blended into the silver makes the alloy extremely strong without altering its preciousness and beauty. Here at Corinne Jewelers, we're pleased to be able to bring a wide variety of refined sterling silver earrings to our customers from the top designers in the industry.

where to buy sterling silver earrings

When you're looking for sterling silver earrings, there are few designers who are more connected to the precious metal than John Hardy. Based in Bali, this designer takes advantage of the history and landscape of their island paradise, and the Naga and Bamboo collections bear that out: Named for the mythical snakes of Hinduism, the Naga earrings are sinuous and decorated with scale patterns, and the Bamboo collection is designed to look like curved earrings of bamboo made from silver. The black-toned elegance of the Freida Rothman FR Signature collection also makes for an unexpected and elegant kind of beauty.

If you're in love with the way that sterling silver compliments the color of gemstones, Elle may be the brand for you. The Revolution and Renaissance collections pair jewels with sterling silver to make a noteworthy style of earrings. The pale lavender of the mystic quartz blends harmoniously with the rosy hue and silver of these Revolution earrings, and the Renaissance collection features interconnected sterling silver loops that circle around a glittering tanzanite. One of our favorite collections is the Cometa collection from Officina Bernardi. Named for their appearance like a blazing comet, these earrings pair silver with other tones, like rose and yellow gold plating.

Having served our community for over 50 years, we at Corinne Jewelers have the experience and expertise to know the brands of sterling silver earrings that really wow our customers. We make sure to only showcase the most luxurious atelier earrings, as well as gold earrings, diamond earrings, and gemstone earrings. If you're shopping for other kinds of fashion jewelry, like fashion rings and bracelets, we're here to help too. Our selection of bridal jewelry and Swiss-quality timepieces are second to none, so if you're interested in what we have to offer, contact us at (732) 244-4664, or stop by our Toms River, New Jersey showroom today!

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, Gabriel & Co. designs sterling silver earrings that not only look good but allow for individual self-expression. Souviens earrings emulate mystery, featuring sterling silver designs mixed with black spinel accents in close-fitting huggies or gorgeous drop earrings with dangling gemstone-covered tendrils. The night sky comes to life in the Lusso collection, including beautiful gemstone details inspired by the astrological birthstones. For those seeking a timeless sterling silver earring style, the Victorian collection features earrings with swirling filigree, graceful engravings, and milgrain beading. From scalloped hoops to lace-like drops, find a plethora of antique-styled earrings to choose from.

Headquartered out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Morgan Jewelers has spent the last century retailing fine jewelry like the beautiful selection of sterling silver earrings to communities across the country. Expanding to open locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, Morgan Jewelers is a popular destination for customers from Yakima, Portland, and Provo. Not only does Morgan Jewelers offer in-house jewelry and pieces from the top designers in the industry, but jewelry services like repairs and custom designs can also be accomplished at every single location. For more information about what each location has to offer, contact us at a jewelry store near you.

Are you one of those people who think sterling silver earrings are too expensive? Or how sterling silver jewelry never seems to discolour? Sterling silver earrings are an investment for a lifetime of style. We are going to explain to you the benefits of sterling silver. You can get most jewelry styles in sterling silver such as sterling silver earring studs, necklaces, hoops and more. Here are some of the reasons why sterling silver earrings are the best:

If you take care of your sterling silver jewelry correctly, the pieces can past you a life time. Real 925 sterling silver is not cheap but the extra cost for quality is worth it when your pieces last you for the next 40 years. Due to the fact that they are going to last a life time, some pieces can become family heirlooms!

To make sure you are getting sterling silver earrings or other pieces, you need to make sure that somewhere on the silver you have the 925 or .925 sterling silver stamp. This means that the earrings you bought are authentic and comes with the stamp that will guarantee the lifetime value as long as you look after the jewelry correctly.

This factor is very important to me and to most people out there. We all often wear costume jewelry but after a while, they hurt your ears or they begin the fade and turn our skin green. When it comes to sterling silver, you do not have to worry about this happening because this metal is hypoallergenic.

People are often allergic to metals such as nickel and brass. You can rest assured that when you wear sterling silver, you do not have to worry because it does not contain metal additions that can cause allergic reactions. This factor is very important when it comes to earrings because once you get an infection in your piercings; it is sore and sometimes difficult to get rid of. More often than not you have to remove any type of earrings from your ears and allow to infection to heal over time. This can result in your holes closing. Sterling silver is ideal for sensitive skin!

The good news is that wearing your sterling silver jewelry can help prevent tarnishing of the pieces. The oils in your skin help to clean the metal which means you do not have to worry about wearing your pieces too often.

You can restore the shine of your earrings or other pieces by purchasing cleaning liquid from your local hardware store or even the store you bought your gorgeous sterling silver studs from or necklace. Cleaning your pieces with varnish and a fresh cloth will have your sterling silver shinning in no time.

We all love a great pair of sterling silver earring sets but we often wonder if they are appropriate for the occasion we are attending. The great thing about sterling silver earrings is that they are appropriate no matter what the occasion is.

Sterling silver can be dressed up or down. You can wear your casual sterling silver studs during the day with a t-shirt and pants and at night, you can add a brace and necklace to match. This is going to give your outfit an extra lift that it might need. Silver will always add a classy touch to any look!

You can even mix your sterling silver earrings with gold or rose gold bracelets. Sterling silver can look gorgeous on its own or it can look fabulous with other metals. You will not have to worry about adding in your new pieces with your old collection because sterling silver is timeless. I guess that means that it is time for us all to go shopping.

Sterling silver is not only popular with customers but it is also popular with designers! This means that it is not hard for you to find a sterling silver earring set, studs or even a necklace. Sterling silver compliments most metals, so you do not have to worry about your new pieces clashing with your old pieces.

People always want to follow trends and because designers love using sterling silver to create their pieces of art, you can follow the trends with the pieces they design. Often, jewelry trends make their way back after time and due to the fact that the silver will last a lifetime, you are going to be ready with your sterling silver jewelry.

Sterling silver is a must have for both sides. As long as we keep buying, designers will keep creating gorgeous pieces for us. You might want to use sterling silver earring to complement a more expensive piece you have in your collection as well.

Sterling silver is a must for any jewelry collection that you have. We all need to have that little black dress at the back of our cupboard for special occasions... now you can see that you need sterling silver in your life as well. Nice thing about this metal is that you do not need to save it for special occasions. You can wear your sterling silver earrings every day of the week if you want to and they are still going to look fabulous.

Please remember that you need to clean your sterling silver at least once every 4 months to keep it from tarnishing. Let us know your reasons why you think sterling silver earrings and other pieces of jewelry are the best.

Think cute studs and ear posts are only for little girls? Think again! Women of all ages love to wear petite ear posts and mix and match them to create styles all their own. Whether they wear birthstones, tiny gold earrings or big silver dangles, our customers create great looks with earrings! Need a little inspiration? Search #myjamesavery and you'll see just what we mean.

Silver is a precious metal that has an elegant shine appropriate for any classy occasion. Silver earrings look exquisite with black, purple or blue evening gowns, for instance. In addition, they complement bridal and bridesmaid dresses. Silver for earrings is also versatile enough for use with cute, playful and casual outfits. This metal also lasts for years and is easy to polish and clean, and it has a universal appeal that has continued for thousands of years. Sterling silver is one material that will probably never become outdated and offers quite a bit of value for its price.

Charles Krypell is one preferred sterling silver jewelry designer who creates pieces with the modern woman in mind. Krypell chooses to create in sterling silver primarily, and his daring designs light a fire in those who appreciate the cool luster of this precious metal. Silver creations include huggie, drop, and stud earrings with yellow and rose gold filigree adorning each earring, lending a vintage aesthetic and feel to each set. The sterling silver pieces made by Charles Krypell offer a blend of traditional and modern elements that make them unique and aesthetically appealing. 041b061a72


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