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please feel free to contact me with any questions

"Contact me Here"  to...

*Start creating your own Blogs with the site or to,
*Add helpful content to one of the "Good Ideas" pages of the site.

*How to: Add Content to pages on the "Good Ideas" section of the site?

- First step is to fill out the form below stating what it is you'd like to do.

If you have something
you'd like to add to one of thees pages-
Community Projects, Community Resources, Non-Profits, Helpful Businesses and Services}  
listed on the "Good Ideas" section of the site you should state your intentions in the message box of the form below. If it is helpful content  you will be approved and able to add your content to one of thees pages. Once approved you will be given a spot on your relevant page for what your sharing to display your content/organization that includes a Title Description with a custom clickable link, a Photo that represents your content and a Description of your content to be shared. Your "custom clickable link" directs people to your content for them to be able to view or share. This allows them the opportunity to get them involved or make it easy to gather more information about your Good Idea!

  Please include in your message the page you chose to add content to and what its all about. To make it a faster process please also include: 

* A Title- Description for your custom clickable link
* A Photo if you chose to display under your title
                * A Description of the content/organization/helpful efforts 
you wish to share.

(send photo to my email listed below)

For examples please look through any of the listed pages on the "Good Ideas" section of the site. 
Once i have received your request you will receive an email from me in regard to weather or not your content was approved to be added to the site.
(If approved It will be added to the site shortly after.)

*How to: Start your own Blogs with the site?

- Contact me by filling out the form below and tell me you'd like to start creating your own blogs to share or add to your profile and I will upgrade you to "writer status". once I have received your request you will be sent an invitation email from me inviting you to add your work to the website. when you click "Accept ", the final step of this walk through process is to sign up for a free "Wix" account where you enter your email and a password. Wix has an app called "Spaces" that you install for managing your blogs from mobile but you can always post and edit your blogs from your profile as well.
After being upgraded to writer status you will notice a "Writer" icon added to your profile and you will now be able to create blog posts from your profile.

 we only want to lift each other up in this community
* All work must be clean and helpful for the other users of the site. If you are not following this guideline you could be blocked for a period of time or removed from the site altogether.

how to start your own blogs
How To Add Page Content
Contact Me Form

you must first Join the Gold Nugget Blogs community to Create A Blog or Add Content to The site.  " Join Us - Here"

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