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Why We're Great 

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Together at the Top

  The main focus of

"Gold Nugget Blogs" is to share our personal experience,

helpful Knowledge, wisdom and resources with someone who may benefit. This site is a collection of creative blogs by myself and the members of "Gold Nugget Blogs" on topics pertaining to our strengths and unique skills.

The only requirement to join this site is to make a conscious choice

to share only whats helpful.

"We only want to

lift each other up."

Our community believes in the importance of doing whats rite and encouraging for all of usWe fully recognize and accept the effect we have on others and on the world around us. We strive to grow in a direction that encourages growth and sustainability for each other and for the world we all share.

This is the world

we choose to live in.

 Our intention is to create and maintain a thriving Social Eco System that is self-sustainable. We are able to do this by freely sharing helpful ideas

without judgment. Ideas that promote creativity and bring attention to helpful resources and projects in your community. These are "Good Ideas" shared by members of the "Gold Nugget Blogs community that serve a purpose in helping to improve on ones quality of life


  Please Take some time now to explore our site and feel free to join as membership is free. If you like what you see but chose not to join you are welcome to Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of new blog posts.

  We greatly appreciate

feed back on things such as topics your interested in and areas you think could be improved on.

Your feed back is especially important in this early stage of development in hopes to insure a positive outcome for the site and all its members. 




Hello and thank you for visiting 

     " Gold Nugget Blogs "        

 !!! WELCOME !!!  


I'm Jus Sum Guy Named Bryan.

I created this site with the mindset of bringing people together on good ideas and creativity. My vision is that through this site I can create another outlet for people to come together on common goals, building bridges between helpful ideas regardless of where they come from.

This site is my contribution to creating  place for people to share what's helpful.

I believe everyone should have a place to share their unique ideas and creativity, without being harassed or judged; As well as place to share helpful resources, a place to learn and a place to grow.


when you start with your heart you can never go wrong.

If my efforts here have a positive impact on even

a handful of people then it was worth my time. That being said, I'm comfortable in my belief that an idea such as this is indeed helpful and provides essential purpose and a place in this world.


It is also my belief that

 together we can grow this site into a resource that is helpful to many. Together we can find solutions to problems we face. In the same, we can create and maintain a safe place to share our strengths as well.

It is Possible!

" Fear is how we fall " 

we can learn to find resolution through facing fears with Love.. 

"Together Lets Grow"

If your life is full of pain and suffering you are not alone, so their for you do not have to suffer alone.

" Lift someone up and see what changes!! "

"If you have joy in your life then you should find a way to share it with someone..."


Though my thoughts, choice of words, topics i choose to share on or even my choice of creative expression may not be in line with others, they are my own ideas and creativity that i choose to share for the purpose of lifting others.

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Our community thrives as we grow together!

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