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Why We're Great 

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Together at the Top

  The main focus of "Gold Nugget Blogs" is to share our experience and knowledge with someone who may benefit.  This site is a collection of creative blogs by myself and the members of "Gold Nugget Blogs" on topics pertaining to our strengths, skills, knowledge, ideas and creativity for the purpose of lifting others to make positive growth in the world we choose to live in.

  Secondary purpose of "Gold Nugget Blogs" is to help spread creative ideas, promote creative people and bring attention to helpful resources and projects. These are "Good Ideas" shared by members of the "Gold Nugget Blogs community that serve a purpose in helping to improve on ones quality of life by encouraging positive growth.


  Please Take some time now to explore my site and feel free to join as membership is free. If you like what you see but chose not to join you can also Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of new blog post.

  I encourage "Feed -Back" so please leave me a - COMMENT - to let me know what topics your interested in and areas you think I could improve on. I greatly appreciate "Feed -Back" especially in the early stages of development in hopes to insure a positive outcome for the site and all its members. 




Hello and thank you for visiting 

     " Gold Nugget Blogs "        

 !!! WELCOME !!!  


I'm Jus Sum Guy Named Bryan. I created this site with the mindset of  bringing people together on good ideas and creativity. My hope is that through this site I can funnel important topics and share creative ideas in a safe and healthy online environment. Hopefully my efforts here will help someone find solution to problems they may be facing and allow them a safe and comfortable place to share their strengths as well.

" Fear is how we fall " 

 I believe if your life is full of pain and suffering that you can learn to have resolution through facing fears with Love.. and if you have joy in your life then you should find a way to share it with someone...


" Lets lift someone up and see what changes!! "


Though my thoughts, choice of words, topics i choose to share on or even my choice of creative expression may not be in line with others, they are my own ideas and creativity that i choose to share for the purpose of lifting others to create positive growth in the world we choose to live in.

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Our community thrives as we grow together!

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