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Pascal Dos Object Professional Download !!INSTALL!!

Abstract: Many of you might remember the legendary Turbo Pascal. After that the RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools named Delphi And Kylix (for Linux) came and then programming languanges similar to Pascal syntax. Basic ASCII text based Pascal languages are almost gone today. Now Free Pascal is on the rise with a combination of text mode programming and OOP as powerfull as RAD Delphi. _________________ _________________ _________________ Introducing Free Pascal is a free compiler for Pascal syntax languanges, semantically similar and compatible with Borland Turbo Pascal 7, the latest legendary Turbo Pascal. It comes with a lot of powerful features and is like a combination of TP7 and Object Pascal from Delphi. Right now, the Free Pascal development team is working hard to make a better compiler for cross platform usage. You can download all kind platform of installation packages from [1]. Minimum requirements Free Pascal is able to run on a 386 prosessor. But I preferre to use some processor like 486 and upwards. AMD CPUs are of course also working as they are all compatible with the 386. Free pascal can also run on the Motorola processor. At least you must have a 680x0 or 68020 to make it work. On every platform, I recommended at least 8 Megabytes of RAM, it will even work with only 4 Megabytes of RAM. With regards to disk space you need minimum 25 Megabytes for the installation. This compiler is available for various operating systems. The latest news is that it is now available for sparc, AMD 64, and arm/linux. If you are interested to know how many platforms Free Pascal is ported to, you may go to download page on [1]. There are packages for Linux, Win32, Amiga, Dos, QNX,Solaris, BeOS, NetBSD,FreeBSD, and OS2.

pascal dos object professional download

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