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Adolf Agafonov
Adolf Agafonov

Tabatha Cash Pack 2021

I am a single mother doing this all on my child support ever!! $40 is just about a week's worth of gas in my car that gets me to work and my son to school and extra-curricular activities.$40 is just enough for the oil change that is due right now. $40 is the fresh fruits and vegetables I try to provide each week to make our meals more healthy...canned and frozen are just cheaper and last longer. $40 is enough to buy school lunches for a few weeks or groceries to pack lunch. $40 helps pay my utility bills. $40 a pay would be devastating, especially since I have not had a raise since 2008...everything else is skyrocketing while my wages stay the same. Taking more from me takes more from my son and I just cannot afford it. I need to provide for my son and help him lead a safe, healthy and happy life.

Tabatha Cash pack

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Gas prices hurt our family. I drive 40 miles a day just to get to work and back. I drive a paid in full "99" great gas mileage car and if I lost $80.00 a month There will be no weekend trips, no summer vacation because that is the amount of cash we put back a month. So the places we go will not receive our spendable income to help their families prosper. We, the average Americans, need a break! 041b061a72


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