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What's "Gold Nugget Blogs" All About?

Updated: May 10, 2023

"Hello - And - welcome!"

Jus Sum Guy on the inner-web spreadin' some creativity and good vibes to any who care to absorb. This is an attempt at creating an outlet that brings people together in a positive way. My goal is to establish a safe online atmosphere where you can learn and share something helpful that might just have a healthy impact in someone's life and encourage growth. My energy is directed to any who wish to explore a simple way of sharing good ideas and creative thoughts in a healthy environment. Though my thoughts, choice of words, topics i choose to share on or even my choice of creative expression may not be in line with others, they are my own ideas and creativity that i choose to share for the purpose of lifting others.

Together I believe we can make some ripples..

Alone I feel I will fail at my attempts but Together I feel we can grow this site into something good and worthwhile. I have firm trust in the belief that if you want something good to grow, then you should "Start With Your Heart". You can never go wrong if let your heart lead you through your journeys in life. My focus is the wish to grow along side those who chose to think outside the bubble of ordinary thought in order to organize thoughts that encourage Growth and Wise Actions.

For a long time I've thought about how to start something online that would be worth my time and make a positive difference in someone's life. Thinking back I've had a lot of good ideas I never started because I never wanted to make something good become about a dollar. I came to realize that for this site to evolve in the rite direction i cannot pursue personal profit as the driving force of my efforts.

I will start with some of my own creativity to get the ball rolling and then I'll be blogging about my own strengths, skills and ideas that i think are helpful. I will also be using the site to add helpful resources that meet a criteria of helpfulness in encouraging personal growth and wellness such as helpful services, non profit organizations and creative businesses that meet this criteria and are worthy of attention. I have many topics I wish to share and invite you to join our community and share with us some of your own topics.

When I created this site I decided to set it up as a "Membership site" that is free to join but so that members can also join me in this journey by sharing their ideas as well. As in nature, we always stand a better chance if we feather together. Come join us in our journey and lets grow together by lifting each other to greater heights.

What can members do if they join "Gold Nugget Blogs"?

Members can follow each other, write and reply to comments and receive blog notifications. Each member gets their own personal profile page that they are able to customize to share their knowledge, strengths and creativity.

customize your profile

Promote your good ideas, helpful resources and creativity with "Gold Nugget blogs":

As a member of Gold Nugget Blogs, if you have something you'd like to share, you can write your own blogs to share on topics of your choice as long as it meets the criteria of being clean helpful content that others can benefit from in a positive way. This helps create new topics and content for the site while promoting your ideas and helpful resources!!

Here’s how to do it:

*Contact me, and tell me you'd like to start your own blogs to share or add to your profile and I will upgrade you to "writer status". once I have received your request you will be sent an invitation email from me inviting you to add your work to the website. when you click "accept", the final step of this walk through process is to sign up for a free"Wix" account where you enter your email and a password.

{ Wix is the platform used by the site to create blogs } Wix has an app called "Spaces" that you install for managing your blogs from mobile but you can always post and edit your blogs from your profile as well.

After being upgraded to writer status you will notice a "Writer" icon added to your profile and you will now be able to create blog posts from your profile.

*All work must be clean and helpful for the other users of the site. ( we only want to lift each other up in this community!!) If you or someone you see is not following this guideline you could be blocked for a period of time or removed from the site altogether.

* If you have a project you are working on or a resource that is helpful in some way feel free to mention and share it with the community as someone may benefit from doing so. If you click on

" Good Ideas" in the drop down menu , You will be able to browse through pages of "Community Resources, "Community Projects, "Non-Profits, "Helpful Businesses and "services that deserve notice and meet a criteria of helping to improve on ones quality of life. Members are able to display clickable links, Photos and descriptions as thumbnails in these sections of the site in order to bring attention to thees helpful resources as long as it meets the criteria of being helpful.

To do this : contact me

{ I feel that to support someone who has a positive vision whether it be in their personal ideas, creativity or positive actions, to show them support is important in making positive growth in the world we all share. }

" Lift someone up and see what changes "

My main goal with this site is to bring people together on good ideas that encourage growth. I hope to fulfill a wide range of interest with this site and hope to provide something helpful for everyone. In order to meet this level of quality I ask that you please take a moment after reviewing my site and leave a comment in the (Feed Back) section on the "Home page" to let me know how I'm doing and areas you think I could improve on or topics to add so that the site continues to grow and stays helpful to everyone. The site is updated regularly so your feedback is very important and appreciated.

" Thanks to every one who reads this and any who chooses to grow with us!!


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Some Guy Named Bryan

*Contact me about starting a blog with your profile

Though my thoughts, choice of words, topics i choose to share on or even my choice of creative expression may not be in line with others, they are my own ideas and creativity that i choose to share for the purpose of lifting others to create positive growth in the world we choose to live in.

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