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Good Ideas That Encourage Growth!

Updated: Jan 26

Encouragements For

Positive Growth♡

Together Lets Grow and Encourage Each Other,

as we Learn to:

  • Meet ourselves and others with Love and Compassion, having appreciation and empathy for all we have been through and all we have overcome.

  • Explore healthy ways to find and maintain balance in all areas of life.

  • Become a positive expression of life, free from attachments that constrict growth.

  • Focus our intentions out of Love.

  • Tune our thoughts with our intentions.

  • Form actions that Lift others.

  • Create with the mindset of encouraging growth.

  • Search for knowledge of truth in all our experiences.

  • Teach our truth to others in ways that encourage growth.

  • Share our knowledge, skills and resources in ways that are helpful.

  • Find healthy ways to relieve and manage stress, showing compassion to ourselves and others for the stress we still live with.

  • Have acceptance for what is; at the same time having the wisdom and courage to make positive changes within ourselves and our environments whenever possible.

  • Face fears with love.

  • Show compassion and love to all involved in changes we make.

  • Form a mindset that improves on our immediate and local environments, encouraging positive change and growth in our communities.

  • Find a Natural balance nourish a quality life.

  • Always strive to: Breathe Clean Air, Eat Healthy Foods and Drink Clean Water.

Together let's grow ...

as we learn and create Sustainable Growth,

in The World We All share!"

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Janice Stevens
Janice Stevens

That's really thoughtful & insightful,of you, Bryan. And I love ❤ the photo of the tree! I just finished a book called, "The Joy of Missing Out: live more by doing less" -Tanya Dalton. And I'm now reading her book, "On Purpose, the busy woman's guide to an extraordinary life of meaning and success" -Tanya Dalton. It could be for men too, it could help anyone. I highly recommend both books for everyone!. I think it's a really great and selfless thing you're doing here, Bryan. Best of luck, with your new group, and your blog! Love Mom.

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